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Messages transactionnels

Communiquez efficacement avec vos clients

La promptitude de nos messages transactionnels n'est plus à prouver. Il en va de même pour leur caractère personnalisé. Mais vous pouvez également faire appel aux e-mails et autres canaux pour que vos clients reçoivent le message quand (et là où) il faut.
It’s easy to see how we’re different
  • No need for another platform

    That’s right—you can stop jumping between platforms and take care of all your transactional and promotional messages in one spot.

  • Make setup easy on your team

    That means no coding. No engineers. And no more headaches—all thanks to our visual message builder.

  • Who says it has to be an email?

    Unlike other tools, you’re not limited to email. So whether it’s in your app, via SMS or push—wherever—customers get the message right away.

Just a few of the transactional messages you can send

  • Order, shipping, and delivery confirmations

  • Password resets

  • Event reminders

  • Account updates

  • Cart abandonments

The right message starts with these features
  • Event-based messaging

    Send messages when specific events occur—and make them personal, thanks to metadata.

  • Personalized subscription settings

    Let customers get the promo emails they want—like blogs or deals—and say no to the ones they don’t.

  • Transactional email delivery

    Make sure customers always get your transactional emails, even if they’ve unsubscribed from the rest.

  • Deliverability reporting

    Track if transactional emails are actually hitting your customers’ inboxes.