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Intercom Inbox

The next generation of Inbox is now

Speed. Power. Scale. Take your support team from cost center to value driver with the most collaborative, efficient Inbox ever.
Intercom Inbox

The next generation of Inbox is now

Speed. Power. Scale. Take your support team from cost center to value driver with the most collaborative, efficient Inbox ever.
Features to help you scale

Unmatched experiences for your team and your customers

Every support conversation has the potential to create loyal customers. With our team Inbox, you can do exactly that—delivering the types of experiences that lead to greater loyalty and growth.

  • Team collaboration

    Collaborate better as a team with our future-forward interface, streamlined workflows, and smart automation that allow your agents to connect with customers from the same Inbox.
  • All your channels, together

    House all your communication channels in a single Inbox so your agents can frictionlessly resolve customer issues with messaging, chatbots, 1:1 support, and more.
  • Rich insights

    Leverage the rich data your support team collects, from one-time interruptions to common issues, improving your customers’ overall experience.
  • Apps and integrations

    Take more action with your tech stack

    The Inbox connects you to tons of pre-built integrations like Jira, Salesforce, Stripe, and Slack so your support team can access vital customer info without leaving Intercom. It’s the seamless addition to your tech stack you didn’t know you needed.

    Features for teams

    Personal engagement at internet scale

    An Inbox like you’ve never seen before

    Customer data

    The key to compelling support—context

    We designed this Inbox to give your team the rich audience context and segmentation features you need to make each and every customer feel like you really know them.

    Workflows and automation

    Features we wouldn’t let you go without

    Our Inbox has all the mission critical features support teams like yours need to organize their workloads, collaborate with teammates, and reach more customers more efficiently.

  • Ticketing workflows

    Create end-to-end workflows to manage complex conversations more efficiently.
  • Macros

    Save time composing answers to common questions with canned, personalized responses.
  • SLAs

    Prioritize urgent conversations, VIP customers, time-based targets, performance goals, and more.
  • Routing automation

    Automate 4x more manual tasks, like conversation routing, with much less effort.
  • Workload management

    Keep response times fast, even as your customer base grows.
  • Help content

    Give your customers 24/7 access to help articles so they can find answers even when you’re offline.
  • Management tools

    Lead your support team toward (customer) success

    Manage teams of any size
    • Manager views

      Get a high-level view of the conversations your agents are having with a special Inbox view tailored to your team goals.

    • Reporting

      Track your support team’s impact with our easy-to-use agent reports, and discover new ways to manage and improve overall performance.

    • Real-time dashboard

      Monitor current support volume, team capacity, and key KPIs so you can make real-time adjustments and allocate resources effectively.

    • Premier Services

      Set up the Inbox yourself, or let a team of Intercom experts train and onboard your support team with exclusive, white-glove services.

  • Portrait of Pelle Blarke of Wolt
    The thing I noticed the most about the Inbox is the speed. Plus, it makes it clear where to focus. This design is next level—and critical for a fast-paced company like ours.
    Pelle Blarke
    Customer Support Lead
  • Portrait of Shak Hossain  of Pantheon
    Intercom’s Inbox gives our team the necessary workflows to quickly solve customer issues. Our first response time has decreased to under 2 minutes!
    Shak Hossain
    Head of Support