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What's new in Intercom

Just a few of our recent releases.

Just shipped

  • Introducing Banners

    Banners - The simple new way to engage your customers

    Another code-free, customizable way to get your audience's attention
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  • Build it with Series

    In your app. Outside your app.

    Build your campaigns with Series.
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  • Conversational Support Funnel

    Conversational Support Funnel

    A framework that combines proactive, self-serve, and human support capabilities so you can get ahead of known problems before they arise.
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  • New apps

    New apps

    We’ve added some new apps that help measure impact, extend self-serve support, collect customer feedback, and more.
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An inside look at how we build

  • Built for you Podcast - Episode 2

    In this special episode, we deep dive into the process behind Series, Intercom’s new visual campaign builder.

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  • A message to our customers

    CEO Karen Peacock shares how Intercom started with a mission to make internet business personal, and a big idea—the world’s first Business Messenger.

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  • Built for you Podcast

    In this very special panel episode we hear how conversations with our customers have shaped our product.

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  • Intercom on Product podcast

    VP of Product, Paul Adams, and co-founder, Des Traynor, discuss how understanding your customers is key to good product judgment.

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  • New in Intercom webinar

    Over the past few months, we've released lots of new features, products, and updates - in this webinar we showcase the problems they solve and share tips and tricks!

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Meet the builders

Get to know the people behind your favorite updates.

  • Maria Gutierrez, Senior Director, Engineering
    What stands out to me is the attention our teams give to deeply understanding our customers' issues. That knowledge is key to creating genuine value for our users.
    Maria Gutierrez
    Senior Director, Engineering
  • Mathew Cropper, Senior Product Manager
    Mobile Carousels was born out of feedback from our customers, and designed in collaboration with them. It wouldn't be the product it is today without that collaboration.
    Mathew Cropper
    Senior Product Manager