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Intercom Switch

Meet Switch: from on hold to messaging in just a few taps

No matter your inbound support volume, call deflection just got easier. Reduce wait times by giving your customers the choice to switch to messaging mid-call—so they can say goodbye to sitting on hold.
Reasons to Switch
  • Faster resolution times

    With Switch, your customers quickly get the help they need by switching to the Messenger instead of waiting on hold.

  • More team efficiency

    Plus, Switch lets your agents message more than one customer at a time, scaling the team you have right now.

  • Self-help tools

    Intercom’s self-serve tools give your customers the option to search for answers themselves, before a support agent even responds.

  • Automated answers

    Our bots take a lot of the burden off your support team by automatically answering common questions, too.

  • Personalized experiences

    Switch seamlessly identifies your customers by their phone numbers, so when they reach the Messenger, they can continue where they left off.

Since using Switch, we've seen a 50% reduction in voicemails and phone calls because our inbound volume directs to chat. It helps us provide real-time support quickly and efficiently. A true game changer for customer service.

Annabelle Frank, Chief Happiness Officer