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Faster answers for customers, fewer questions for your team

Deliver help content to customers – and scale your support – with our integrated knowledge base.
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With Intercom, we can divert repetitive questions with a bot that suggests relevant articles, while still providing a great customer experience.

Winston Christie-Blick, Product Manager

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24/7 help, even when your team is away
  • A single source of truth

    Set up one central place for your customers to reliably find answers, tips, and other important info when they need it.

  • Deliver help in context

    Optimized for the channels customers use – your website, mobile app, in-product messages, or chat.

  • Additional chat support

    With the Messenger on every article, your customers can instantly start a conversation if they need more help.

New for Articles

Create multilingual articles for your global customers for faster self-serve answers

Publish help content like a pro
  • Create engaging articles

    Use our editor to effortlessly add images, videos, call-to-action buttons, and interactive guides to your articles.

  • Tailor to any audience

    Create unique help content and serve it to different audiences, like paid users or visitors – or even based on language.

  • Make it truly yours

    Keep your help center on-brand by customizing the color, logo, header, domain, and more.

Instant answers to FAQs

Use support bots – like Resolution Bot – to deliver specific articles and resolve up to 29% of your customers’ questions.

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Insights for smarter self-service
  • Feedback loops

    Use our built-in feedback loops to clearly see what’s working, or how to make articles better for your customers.

  • Automate feedback

    Track how customers are rating your content, or collect more thorough feedback if they can’t find an answer.

  • Discover your blind spots

    Know exactly what articles to write next based on what your customers searched for but couldn’t find.

Over 25,000 companies are delivering conversational experiences with Intercom