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Customer data platform

A data platform where personal experiences add up

Intercom gives you key insights into customer behavior, so you can pack more CSAT into every interaction—and get more growth out of them, too.

Synced across your tech stack

We make it easy to integrate customer data from your entire tech stack, so your team can always access a customer’s most recent history.

Data that makes a difference
  • Company data

    Get a complete picture of every customer right when you need it, including their business type, location, spend, and more.

  • Behavioral data

    Target customers by the actions they take (or don’t take) in your app.

  • Conversation data

    Prioritize and route customer conversations by attributes, like topic or urgency.

  • Custom data

    Track custom data that’s unique to your business, like pricing plan or product type.

Personal touches, at scale